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Softvizard defines ERP as a tool for Business Process Re-engineering that uses radical computing concepts to integrate business processes across company divisions and functions. Some of the key ERP solution modules can be listed as follows.

  1. Sales & Distribution Management
  2. HR Management
  3. Materials Management
  4. Logistics management
  5. Production planning & Control
  6. Project Management
  7. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  8. Financial and Controlling
  9. Data analysis and workflow management
  10. Business warehouse (MIS)
  11. Document and change Management

The ERP solution is constantly undergoing a metamorphosis with changing customer expectations. Customers today expect complete adaptability to the Internet enabling ERP solutions to be accessed anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Every organization has a variety of other standalone IT tools independent of ERP. It is expected by the customer that these tools be integrated with ERP. Integrating applications from several vendors is a major challenge. Softvizard uses its knowledge of XML, Web Services and other integration standards to integrate current ERP solutions with other applications in organizations.

E-business tools are getting popular amongst clients. Today customers expect that there is a seamless integration of e-business services such as CRM, Business Intelligence and supply chain management solutions with ERP platform.

Softvizard excels at enterprise IT solutions. We are committed to optimizing the ERP environment and support your service infrastructure at every step of the way in your re-engineering journey. Softvizard takes a wider and long term vision into the future instead of merely restricting to immediately available technology. This vision decides the optimum architecture with customization and installation procedures to suit all levels of complexity.

Softvizard communicates with other software developers to develop collaborative applications integral to successful ERP implementation. These applications help you identify and plan the enterprise-wide resources that you require to delight your customers. Softvizard, with its strong team, technological knowhow and prompt service support, strives to provide state of art IT solutions.